Six of My Favorite Summer Looks!

Hey everyone! So, I think this week is by far my FAVORITE blog post yet! I love every. single. outfit and I already know when and where I'm going to wear them this summer! Enjoy!

Look 1. 

My Anniversary Dress!
I can't wait to wear this in August for my SEVEN YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Dear lord!!!  The material is nice and thick so it gives you a very flattering shape but the open back still gives it that something something for a special occasion! I am in love with this one! 

Look 2. 
The "Excuse Me, These Are My Fun Pants. If You're Not Going to be Fun then Get Out of Here!!" Look
I am obsessed with these pants! They're so different from anything I've seen and even though they're long they are super airy and breezy to keep you cool! I originally paired these with a crop top but I actually loved the flowy look of this tiered cami with it! I love this ultra boho look! 

Look 3. 
I freaking love this unconventional dress. To the untrained eye they'll see that it's big. It's shapeless. It's black. It shouldn't work but to the TRAINED AND SOPHISTICATED eye you can see that this dress is CUTE and ON TREND, OKAY?! I love the empire waist and the ruffle on the bottom. I don't know what it is but I love how effortless this dress feels. It comes in two other colors, white and olive! It has an open back with a tie to make it cute but even if it didn't I would still love it! 

Look 4.
The PERFECT Vacation Dress! 
You may or may not have seen this dress everywhere on insta and for a long time I didn't get it because I assumed it would be super unflattering on me. BUT!!! After a while I finally caved and ordered it and guys!!!!!! It's SUPER flattering and so much cuter on! The straps are self ties so you can adjust it however you like! The material is shiny and kind of thick so it's flattering but not ideal for super hot days! I mean, if you can't wear fun dresses like this one during summer... you're just not living your best life. LOL (UGH I HATE THAT I CAN'T PUT IN EMOJIS)

Look 5. 
The "Okay Wait, I Have to go to Work, Stupid. What do I wear?" Look
Okay first of all relax. Second of all, wear this. The skirt is lined so even though it hugs your body it's not going to squeeze you and make your belly look ten times bigger. It's long enough that it's appropriate for work yet the print and color make it perfect for travel! I love this outfit! 

Look 6.
If a company decides to make this dress in every color and print I'll still take them all. I love the sleeves, the color and everything about it!

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