Some of My Favorites

Look 1. 
You guys. This top is the stuff of dreams! The quality is AMAZING, it's thick, structured, and incredibly flattering. You can dress it up for events or down for a fun night out! I love it and I styled it two different ways below!

Sum of the Parts Shorts: Tania Pleated Shorts

Look 2. 
 The Perfect Pilgrim Dress
I say it's perfect because Kevin actually likes it! I love the material, the color, and how I'm covered from neck to foot but I still feel so pretty and feminine! (perfect for those extra hairy days, you know?)

Look 3.
The Summer Dress
It's light, airy and perfect for summer! 

Look 4.
 The Wedding Guest Dress!
So classy and perfect for all those summer weddings coming up!

Look 5. 
The "Sorry I'm late, I just stepped off the Mayflower" Dress
GUYS! I am absolutely obsessed with this dress! (Do I say that about everything? lol) I know it's straight out of 1800s but I love the boho vibes, the muted color. It's not for everyone but it's definitely for me!!!! 

Look 6. 

Look 7. 
The "I'm just going to pretend I'm in Morocco" Dress

Look 8. 
The "I Told You This One is My Favorite!!" Top

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  1. Okay hello there you model! How can you look so perfect in every single outfit! I especially love the first two :)

    x Lisa |