Spring Maxi Dresses and Skirts Galore!

Hey guys, today I'm sharing even MORE dresses and skirts that are trending for spring! In a separate post I'm excited to style one skirt different ways so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, please enjoy :) 
Look 1.
The "haven't I seen this dress before?" dress
Yes. Yes, you have. BUT it was so cute that I had to get it in white! I have to say, I love it even more! The ruffle straps, the empire waist, the fabric and eyelet detail = I'm obsessed!

Zara Bag: Woven Bag

Look 2.
 The Leopard Print Maxi
I feel like this print is reserved for the fall but I saw this skirt and had to have it so I wanted it to make sure it felt spring appropriate! That's why I paired it with this bright orange cami and yellow clutch to be like, "HI YES I KNOW ITS SPRING SHUT UP"

Look 3. 
The "I feel so Parisian and feminine and sugar and spice and everything nice" look 
I love how flowy this dress and the color is surprisingly flattering on me. I'm not usually a fan of red but this is a shade darker so I guess it works! I love the puffy sleeves and how it cinches in the waist to make it super flattering! This is my type of dress, as you probably know by now!

Zara Bag: Bamboo Handle Shopper Bag

Look 4. 
You guys, this skirt is amazing. There's so much material so its flowy and feels heavy. I love it for vacation, for engagement pictures, for any special occasion! You can't take a bad photograph in this skirt!

Zara Top: Yellow Satin Top
Look 4.5
The "I'm only a little extra" look 
I wanted to style this outrageous skirt in a more subtle way so I paired it with this cropped sweater!

Look 5
The "CLASSY AF" dress. 
So, unfortunately, I forgot to pack shoes when I drove out to take pictures so we're stuck with these flat sandals which I was SO bummed about. But looking back at it now I feel like it kind of works to give it a more laid back and casual vibe. What do you guys think?

Look 6.
The "Only Skirt You Need This Spring" look
If I saw this in a store I would continue to walk right on by. It's not something I normally would give a chance. Its SO frilly, it's BLUE (I never wear blue) and on top of that there's so much material! However, I'm so glad I gave it a chance because it looks SO amazing on. It's flattering, it's fun, and because the skirt has black in it I think it helps subdue the craziness of the skirt. I tried it on with sweater, shirts, and tops and it looks good with EVERYTHING! I'm super excited to dedicate a whole separate post just to this skirt in the future!

Look 6.5

Similar Zara Belt Bag: Clutch Crossbody 
Zara Top: Top with Ruffled Straps

Alright you guys! Thanks for stopping by, see you next week! 

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