Spring and Wedding Season Outfits

Hey guys! So ignore everything I ever say because this is definitely not a hair tutorial. HAHA. I promise it's coming though. So this week I partnered again with Chicwish to bring you guys some fun spring and wedding event outfits! 

Look 1. 
The "Free People but BETTER" dress. 
Occasion: Bridal/Baby Shower Guest 
So, I don't know if you guys saw this identical dress that floooooded instagram last fall(??) It was SO cute that I had to have it. Unfortunately, I found the material was too thick, the neckline was tooooo low and overall not flattering for me! Which is new because Free People is one of my favorite brands! However, I received this dress that actually is flattering and I'm not flashing the world! YAY! :) Plus, I don't usually wear blue but I loved this style this much I decided to keep it! 

Zara bag: Woven bag

Look 2.
The "Girly but Effortless with lots of effort" look
Occasion: everyday
I think I'm loving off the shoulder EVERYTHING right now and here's another cute top! I like this look because you can be summery without having to shave your armpits.

Zara bag: Woven bag

Look 3.
Occasion: Wedding Guest or Engagement Photos!
I LOVE this outfit! I love the ruffles on this top and the print/color of this maxi! I love wearing an actual outfit to a wedding so you never run the risk of wearing the same dress as someone lol! Also, this makes a really great engagement shoot outfit because its colorful!!! (I learned that the hard way, don't wear black!!!) 

Zara top: Ruffle Strap Top

Look 4. 
The "I'm bloated but I still want to feel pretty" look 
Baggy top, baggy jeans! Boom! You're ready to go!

Zara bag: Woven bag

Look 5. 
The "I feel pretty and five at the same time" look
Occasion: Bridal shower guest 
This dress is so pretty and I love the material! This empire top is sooo flattering too because the bust is bigger so it actually gives you a waist! 
My personal recommendation: put your hair up when wearing this dress because the frilly straps is already a lot. 

Look 6.  
The "I'm going full prairie" look 
Occasion: engagement photos
I think this is such a pretty outfit for an engagement shoot! I paired this amazing maxi dress with this off the shoulder top that cinches on the bottom. I added the belt to tie it all together and give me more shape and bam! mormon chic. 

Here's a look at just the top: 

Look 7.
The "Hi, am I a Grecian Princess yet" look
Occasion: Bridal Shower & Baby Shower
The waist expands so think this is such a pretty dress for a baby shower! Also, it could definitely be an engagement photo dress. The way the light shines through the dress creates such a pretty airy effect! 


  1. OMG I love all of these.. not sure which one is my fave but it might be the last one! You look like a goddess :)

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

    1. Aw Lisa!!!! Thank you so much!!! Youre the besttttt :) :) :)