How to Style: Raffia Bag

Hello everyone! Today I'm teaming up with Amerii and styling the super popular Raffia bags for spring/summer! Their bags are handmade in Bali and feature different styles, designs and colors. I chose this black one because 1. I love black and 2. I thought it was a little different and fun to spice up an outfit! 
Feel free to check them out here: 

Look 1. 

The "not at Coachella but I can pretend" look
This first look is a great way to transition into minidresses for cooler temperatures in Spring! I paired this rust dress with my husbands denim jacket that he was going to get rid of (SCORE!!!) It's from Zara Men and fits perfectly oversized. (I actually love scoping out Zara men's from time to time because they have really awesome jackets and bombers! ) 
Then I decided on these Nine West booties to tie in the whole look with the bag! 

Everything I'm wearing is sold out but I linked similar styles to recreate this look: 
Zara Men's Jacket: Basic Denim Jacket (I'm wearing it size Medium)

Look 2. 

The "Hi, I just got out of work but I still tried to be cute 'HEEHEE'" look
For this second look I was thinking of ways to wear this bag in a real world setting like after work and getting drinks with your friends! Just change into your jeans and throw on this bag and sandals and bam, YOU READY! The bag makes you look trendy and effortless but you'll be comfortable! I love it!

Look 3. 

The Chic Grandma Look
I don't know if this is surprising but this is my FAVORITE LOOK out of all of them! I love the soft slacks with this chunky EXTRA oversized sweater 🙌🙌 It's perfect for bloaty days or if you just had a baby (sis-in-law is DUE ANY DAY! MY NEPHEW #2!!!! AHHH!!!) Anyways, I said this on my instagram but I'll say it again until the day I die: I LOVE LOOSE BAGGY CLOTHES. I do. I love them. I feel like I NEED this raffia bag to make it seem like I haven't completely given up on life yet. 

If you're thinking all those pictures looked the same then that would make one of us.

Look 4.

The "I've seen this a million times already" look
Super simple. I love this slip dress trend because it's like you're half dressed and boom! You're ready! 

Yes, that's the tag to the dress. Leave me alone! I don't take it off until I wear it out in public or wash it. idk why. it's my thing. 

Look 5

The "I'm trying really hard but also trying not to let it show" look
So here's another work to play look. You can ditch your blazer and throw on the oversized denim and bag and boom! DRANKZ FOR DAYZ. or until 8:30pm so you can be in bed by 9. I decided to go for the leopard print heels because it ties in the bag with the pants to make it a seamless look! 

Zara Men's Jacket: Basic Denim Jacket
Similar Zara Pants: Zara Pants with HemZara Flowy Pants

Alright guys! I hope you enjoyed this post! I thoroughly enjoyed creating these looks and I'm trying to make more "real life" looks that you can wear (Hi, Sennifer jim, are you here?) Also, I intentionally used the same pieces to show you different ways to wear them! 

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week!