How to Style: The Printed Slip Skirt

Hello everyone! I'm back with another "how-to-style" with another skirt that has been EVERYWHERE for spring: the slip skirt! I love this skirt because it's flattering on ALL shapes, sizes, and heights! That's means YOU, yes YOU! haha.

Some quick tips:  

1. I personally don't like the ones with a scrunched band on top (like the waistline of sweatpants... you know how its scrunchy and elastic). I feel like it adds bulk around the waist and kind of defeats the look I'm going for. (If that was unclear just google "elastic band waistline") 

2. I carry weight around my belly so with high-waisted bottoms I always size up one to two sizes depending on brand. 

3. If you're petite like me (5'2) try to get one that's just below knee to a mid calf length to avoid looking shorter. The style/shape of the skirt hugs the hips and flares out so there's more material on the bottom. For shorter girls like me, the maxi skirt in this style makes it look like you're drowning a in material or shortens you. 

4. The satin/silk material can be very unforgiving. That's why I really like the H&M skirt that I styled. The material feels like a blend of cotton and linen so it's very forgiving and flattering. In fact, I got it in two different prints! I linked them both along with other prints/colors!

Look 1.
The Basic "I'm Going Wine Tasting" Uniform
For this first look, I kept it simple with a cropped wrap top and dressed it up with a big floppy hat and wide leather strap bag. I feel like this is a easy, casual, yet dressy look for brunch (if you wanna be extra for all the hungover people) or a cute church look! The bag really adds some color and ties it altogether. 

There's Pete. My clicker. say hi. 

*exact skirt, shoes, hat, top and bag (so everything) linked! Along with a long sleeve version of top and different prints of exact skirt*
Sizing Note for Sandals: size down half a size! I'm a 6 1/2 ALWAYS and I got the 6 and fit perfect. 

Look 2. 
Bloaty Days Ahoy!
This my all time favorite look and PERFECT for bloaty days!! Which for me, now that I'm 30, is happening everyday. The open knit sweater is a little cropped so still looks good untucked. The green is muted like the brown in the skirt so it really pairs well together. Then I added the slouchy knee high brown boots because I LOOOOOVE BOOOTS (austin powers. goldfinger. gold.) You could always dress this look down with white sneakers or sandals. The white basket weave bag adds a summery feel to it so I loves it.

Exact Sweater is from Zara: Zara Openwork Sweater in Green
White Bag from Zara sold out but same price bag that I love even more for this look: Zara Natural White Handbag
Look 3.
Date Night. Kiss!! Keep it simple, stupid. 
Because who doesn't like a night of not cooking (or you could just go to your mom's every night like me). I kept it simple with this ribbed snap front tank. I love the square neck line and it's very very fitted so... definitely not for pasta night!

My exact top is from reformation so I linked similar style tops from them but I found an identical top from H&M for like 1/6 of the cost I paid LOL. #gocapitalism
Also, I linked a bag I REALLY WANT (the green one) that I think would look awesome with this look. 
Look 4.
Mixing Neutrals + Adding volume
 I love how neutral this look is so it feels very effortless. I paired it with this top to change up the silhouette AND this is very bloat-friendly! The volume up top helps compensate any burrito-filled bellies. I paired it with these slouchy mid-calf booties to even out the volume up top to make it a very balanced look -- so you don't look like Spongebob.

Boots from Zara sold out but similar here: Zara Ankle BootsZara Mid Calf Boots
Alternative White Zara Bag that I love with this look: White Crossbody
Look 5.
Mixing Prints 
Do it!! This is super spring-y and I love florals so I definitely love this. I added a very structured bag to balance the girly-ness of this look. 

Look 6.
The festival/hippie/boho casual look
 I like this look but I don't know if I would wear it like this in real life. I just took it to an extreme to show you a more festival-y look for all you guys that are way more fun than me. I tied this cropped tee in the front to add more shape and turned the bag into a fannypack so you have your hands free for allllll the draaaankkzzzzzzz (or food for those pure of heart). The key to this whole look are the BOOOOOTS. THEY'RE CHUNKY. THEY'RE COMFY. THEY'RE SQUARED. THEY'RE DOPE. 

Get out of my way. I needs a drink. 
Another pair of identical boots I love from my favorite boots company: Black Avenue Chelsea Boot
Bonus Look!
Leather Jacket + Floral Prints = love
I was talking with my sister in law the other day about leather jackets and I realized they're kind of hard to style. I think certain types of people can pull them off so effortlessly (those cool people that like...never talk to me). But I, on the other hand, who tends to wear girly, preppy sh*t, looks like such a wanna-be (I am a wanna-be -- a wanna-be your friend! BAHAHA)! 
Anyways, I took off the festival accessories and just threw on this mauve/deep purple leather jacket. 
I like this because the print softens the edginess of the leather jacket so I don't look like a wanna-be rocker or cool person. 
You can see one of my rolls trying to make a run for it.

*bag and shoes not shown with outfit but I linked the styles that I think go well with this*
Alright you guys. Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this post and I especially hope you enjoyed my clicker cameo 😂😂 I promise I'll try to hide it but honestly, I don't really care so maybe not. 
I'm always open to suggestions on what to style next so let me know!! 


  1. Oh girl I love all of the looks!!! SO CUTE!

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    1. Thank you so much Lisa, I'm so glad you like it!!! I appreciate you!!!