How to Style: Shorts for the Summer

Denim + Denim 

Obviously, you can never go wrong with this classic combo! I've had this chambray shirt for over six years from American Eagle and it carries me through all four seasons! You can jazz up this look with layered necklaces and a classic watch. I'm wearing this camel colored slides to top off the look. In my opinion, camel goes great with denim colors and really lengthens your legs!

 Denim + Bright Silk Camisole 

If you don't have a silky cami you might want to get one! They're great year round especially as a layering piece in the fall and for work. I would recommend the basics: white and black but next time you're in store pick one up in a bright color that complements your skintone. ( I mean you don't HAAAVE to but if you want to!)  Since my skin tone is more yellow/olive, tops that are orange, yellow, and brown are colors that make my skin look brighter. Elevate this basic with some strappy sandals to make it a complete look!

Denim + Light Layers

This look is perfect for those breezy summer nights when it starts cooling down a little bit or for a really air conditioned room haha! This top is just a basic camisole that I layered with this super flowy trench jacket from Lulus! I topped it off with these heeled slides that really tie in the white top. Just adding a light jacket can take your outfit from casual to complete! hahaha :) (I'M SO CHESSY GAD. kill me. jk. don't.)

High Waisted + Statement Top

Pair a super frilly/girly top to tone it down with some classic high waisted shorts! I love monotone looks because  they look so effortlessly put together. I paired this all white ensemble with some neutral green wedges! When going for an all-white look I try to keep accessories, bag and shoes as neutral as possible to keep the look soft. Any bright colors, black or red would contrast a bit too much and stand out instead of blending in with the whole look. 

High Waisted + Chambray

I love this white and denim combo! I feel like its the classic American uniform :). Not much to say about this one as the buttons and color palette do all the work !!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post! I tried to link as many of the items that are still in stock. I linked similar options at various price points to save you some work at places I actually shop at (I'll never link options that I would never buy myself).
  Let me know if you guys hated it/loved it or any things I can do better. Seriously, love and appreciate all of you for taking the time to check me out!


  1. Ahhhh Girl seeing your blog makes me so happy! And look at you.. so professional!!! I also love all the looks.. shorts are definitely your thing :)

    x Lisa |

  2. Love this post! Great photos and super cute blog :)


  3. Great post - I am totally in love with the denim on denim look right now :) Your photos are stunning - keep up the good work with your blog!
    -Jenna <3
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